Helping to solve the gender imbalance: Athena Boot Camp for women entrepreneurs!

+-*Once you start to research, you find so many good examples of women’s active roles in many spheres online: creating, selling, and forming networks. But why is it so hard to quickly recall names of women innovators or women-led companies? Women are just as engaged both in business and the online commons, but unfortunately much […]

Software is eating the world

+-*Software is eating the world. This is the big statement that Marc Andreessen wrote for the WSJ in 2011 and its reality is more evident now than ever. What we are seeing is the effect of exponential growth in technological advancement, the kind of growth that produces “hockey sticks” in charts. The reason it seems […]

The Critical Point // Accept the Pain

+-*Continuing from “The Hangover and the Recovery”: The first step is to expect and embrace the discomfort of the hangover. Sobriety is necessary for clarity, and sobering up is a process. Throughout the process, there will be headache and stomachache alike, and it will be tempting to reach for some easy medicine. But it is […]