Exosphere is a learning and problem-solving community.

We incubate people first, and help them craft their ideas into real solutions. It starts with discovering the internal fire that motivates you to fight inertia, get started, and persist when it’s easy to quit.

At Exosphere we take great pride in the values and commitments we aim to instill in our globally growing community.

Self Examination: Evaluate yourself honestly. Why haven’t you achieved your goals already? Why aren’t you where you thought you would be? What do you need to eliminate from your life in order to move forward?

Self Discipline:  Push yourself to make the hard choices, to do the unpleasant but necessary work of the day. Establish the habits and practices you need to win.

Self Reliance: Build confidence in your abilities, courage in your pursuits, and unshakable determination to reach your goals.

Community: With other confident, courageous, and determined people – no aspiration is too lofty or unattainable. The ability to collaborate with other self-reliant individuals is its own discipline and must be practiced.

Interdependence: Focus your time and talents on your greatest strengths and more resiliently face the adversities of the “real world” with the trust of your community.

Antifragility: Chaos, randomness, uncertainty, volatility, disorder, imperfect knowledge, time, stress, and error will become your allies.

Reaching The Exosphere: The billion dollar IPO, an Oscar, a Nobel prize, a manned mission to Mars. Through discipline and dedication, surrounded by your own will to achieve them.

We are passionate about building true community and a life of self reliance through action and error. We hope you join us in disturbing the universe.

Send us a tweet at @exosphereHQ or send us an email at info@exosphe.re! We look forward to hearing from you!

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