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The Critical Point // Trace Your Path Backward

Continuing from “Accept The Pain”: The second step is to examine your current circumstances, how you got to where you are, your achievements so far, and the hidden assumptions about your life and possibilities. Whatever you have been doing with your life has not been a waste, and your path to the present has shaped you […]

The Critical Point // Accept the Pain

Continuing from “The Hangover and the Recovery”: The first step is to expect and embrace the discomfort of the hangover. Sobriety is necessary for clarity, and sobering up is a process. Throughout the process, there will be headache and stomachache alike, and it will be tempting to reach for some easy medicine. But it is […]

The Critical Point // The Hangover and the Recovery

Continuing from “Heaven is Hell”: Recovering ourselves from this extraordinary self-deception is difficult, but it can (and must) be done. Indeed, recovery from such condition is the first truly meaningful work we will do in our lives. There are two ways to recover from a post-intoxication hangover: getting intoxicated again or rest & nutrition. In […]

The Critical Point // Heaven is Hell

Continuing from “First Thoughts”: From childhood, through adolescence, university, and entrance into the world of “employment,” we have slowly lost the ability to think original thoughts, or even to think old thoughts but anew for ourselves. This is why we are possessed with anxieties and boredom and feelings of meaninglessness. We have tried to build […]

The Critical Point // First Thoughts

If I were given a single word to describe the experience of what I imagine being in outer space is like it would be “silent.” We have few opportunities in contemporary life to be in complete silence, both literally and figuratively. Everywhere we go, there is noise. We have become so accustomed to the noise […]

Why do we need friendly Artificial Intelligence? – A Conversation with Eliezer Yudkowsky

Eliezer Yudkowsky is cofounder of MIRI (Machine Intelligence Research Institute) and an advocate for friendly artificial intelligence. From a past participant of our boot camp who follows Eliezer’s work we came to know that he was going to be spending a few weeks over the summer here in Reñaca, Chile, where Exosphere HQ is. We had the chance to spend […]