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The Curse of the Disciplines

Much of the creative potential in our world is either locked inside the minds of physicists and chemists who have been trained to think like scientists or in the minds of artists and architects who do not have the scientific knowledge to bring their ideas to fruition. This is the curse of the disciplinary society […]

Learning How to Innovate

Most entrepreneurs will say that the skills necessary to be an entrepreneur and innovator cannot be taught. This may well be true, but that does not mean that those skills cannot be learned. We should find it a bit remarkable that for all of the talk of hands-on learning and practical learning in the past […]

The Deafest Ears are Our Own

As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. -The Proverbs For those of us who do not live completely isolated from the rest of humanity–here we exclude only hermits, as even monks live in the company of others–we are granted every day the opportunity of hearing the feedback from instances […]

The Rite of the Figures

Or the Evangelism of Silicon Valley The high priests of Silicon Valley have performed their duty to the gods of the Valleyplace, the divine figures of the cult of Startology with the latest ritual sacrifice in the Rite of the Figures. Until very recently, the Rite was of 10 Figures, but due to some combination […]