Helping to solve the gender imbalance: Athena Boot Camp for women entrepreneurs!

Once you start to research, you find so many good examples of women’s active roles in many spheres online: creating, selling, and forming networks. But why is it so hard to quickly recall names of women innovators or women-led companies? Women are just as engaged both in business and the online commons, but unfortunately much less visible.

As a learning and problem-solving community, Exosphere is focused on solving problems in the world, one of which is the gender imbalance in entrepreneurship and technology.

We’ll leave it to the political pundits and social scientists to endlessly debate why and assign blame. We, however, are focused on what we can do today to address this: Athena!


Our goal with Athena is not to create a segregated arena especially for women to shield them from male competition. If you were to compare the two, you would notice that the Athena FAQ is very similar to the FAQ of our “regular” Hydra boot camp series. Indeed, Athena is just as rigorous and challenging as the Hydra bootcamp. The only difference is we are inviting all-women visitors and participants to this, simply because we want more women joining our community. Our hope is that this will lead to a virtuous cycle of creating more visibility for women entrepreneurs and tech innovators.

Check out the Program Guide and the great women entrepreneurs who are going to visit the Boot Camp, sharing with us their challenges, inspiring with their experience and having one to one sessions with you!

Perhaps our marker for success will be that in a year or two, we will no longer need an Athena IV or V. Perhaps by then just as many women as men will have joined our community, never having to hesitate and wonder whether they will “fit in” and are welcome. But until then, this is our first salvo in the battle to getting more women seen and heard amidst all the noise of modern entrepreneurship.

Join us for Athena in Chile, from Oct 19 to Dec 11. Apply today!


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