The Deafest Ears are Our Own


As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

-The Proverbs

For those of us who do not live completely isolated from the rest of humanity–here we exclude only hermits, as even monks live in the company of others–we are granted every day the opportunity of hearing the feedback from instances of friction with other people. Friction perhaps comes with too negative a connotation. We use the word friction in human affairs as a synonym for conflict, but while all conflict is the result of friction, not all friction is conflict, at least not in the colloquial sense. Read more

Life Ain’t Disneyland

Get Tough and Actually Do Something Real


You were lied to in school, in college, in your first job.

There’s no “You Are Here” marker on the map of life.

See, you were told that life is like Disneyland. You can choose from the ride of your choice, but you have to stand in line and put up with the strange people in the costumes wandering by. There’s a price of admission (college degree), but if you are willing to pay it, and then deal with the lines, the ride will be exactly what you had always hoped it would be. Read more